Who Are We?


Emazing Bicycle Corporation was founded in 2011.  We manufacture our electric bicycles in Taiwan and our sales office is at Sunnyvale, California.

The current leadership team includes Howard, Janet, and Louise. Please click here to read more about Howard's passion and knowledge on on these "Emazing" bicycles.


The idea of "Emazing Bikes" sprouted when the founders got together years ago talking about how today's transportation impacted the environment.  In 2009, they realized a revolutionary solution by creating eco- and user-friendly electric bikes - the Emazing Bicycles

The founders believe their electric bicycles will significantly improve the rider's commuting and recreational experience because of the high quality of these bikes, made possible with their experience in manufacturing and automation engineering.  Every Emazing bike is built by a leading OEM company in Taiwan that supplies many major European and US companies with custom, precision engineered metal products.


All bikes are named with Greek Name + # of Speed Gear (i.e. 7 or 9) + #50W DC Motor (i.e. 250 or 350W) + Type of control (PAS or Throttle) + Type of Brake (V-shaped or Disc)

Example: Daedalus 72pd has a 7-speed derailleur, a 250W DC motor, a PAS system, and a disc brake 

Check out our bikes. 


As the name suggests, Daedalus bikes are "crafty" and "clever," allowing commuters to easily maneuver around the towns and on the hills. 

Artemis and Apollo are equipped with precise and powerful PAS systems, great for outdoor activities. Our Artemis bike is equipped with multiple gears and intended for terrain up to forest paths.  The Apollo bike is our strongest model and is meant to be ridden in any condition, from paved suburban streets to rocky mountain paths.

We encourage you to select your future dream e-bike according to your needs and budget, and we are confident our Daedalus, Artemis, and Apollo will make you like the way you bike!