• Is airplane turbulence dangerous?

    It is absolutely safety  of the aircraft.

    The engineers know planes work OK, no matter how severe the turbulence is.

    However passengers worry the plane crash during the frequent turbulence flight.

    According to Bernoulli's principle and automation technology, we can stabilize the air plane flying through a turbulence zone  via costly devices.

    The lifting force derived by differential pressure relating to velocity and air density plays the major role.

    Actually it is real high technology to detect air density under airplane and actuate the wing to modulate the floating area, then passengers feels quiet through thunderclouds, thermal currents, and clear air turbulence accordingly.

    Similarly we can design an electric bicycle performs real PAS, if we understand how to get stable quickly whenever any load disturbance happens during ebike riding process.

    We do know torque is the major issue in e-bike PAS automation.

    It is easy to get the parameter, but very hard to linearize for smooth control.



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