• Hello world!

    Hello , everyone!  My name is Howard, and I am so excited to publish my first EVER post here!  I am an electric engineer specialized in designing and implementing automatic manufacturing process.  That is why I am so excited to introduce you the electric bicycles I help design (Check them out in the "Our Technology" webpage!)  and the general engineering principles behind them.

    Before getting involved with electric bicycles, I completed several big projects in Taiwan including:
    1.   ARCO Taiwan business extension
    2.   Pingtung Distillery in Pingtung City
    3.   The 1st foundry of UMC semiconductor in Hsinchu City, and
    4.   Neihu Refuse Incineration Plant, and Bali Sewage Treatment Plant in Taipei City
    I enjoy teaching children about engineering during my spare time. Amazingly, just like the electric bikes I design, many children actually enjoy listening to my lectures. For one, my niece was actually focused when I was explaining about the DH sensors on our e-bikes once.  I don’t know what would happen to my niece if I talk to her about fluid dynamics, but I do hope you will enjoy my future posts about electric bicycles as much as my niece did!

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